Olivetti-Folon exhibition: Art and journalistic nostalgia

By Gabriela Lopez

The Brussels Design Museum opened its doors to the Olivetti-Folon exhibition on 10 April and will welcome guests until  15 September.

This temporary exhibition commemorates the trajectory of the Olivetti industry, globally known for producing typewriters. Beyond the manufacturing of typewriters and calculators, Olivetti understood the impact that its creations had on the cultural production of the time. This vision is shared by Belgian advertiser Jean-Michel Folon and Italian writer Giorgio Soavi, the main artistic director of Olivetti.

In the collection, visitors can view products, books, illustrations, and advertising materials produced by the Olivetti brand, all featuring Folon’s creative touch. Additionally, the inspiration of other collaborating artists, such as Joe Colombo, can be seen in the functional artwork. 

Curators Marcella Turchetti and Paola Mantovan have organised an exhibition that transplants Folon and Olivetti’s democratic and accessible, didactic and interactive outlook where art connoisseurs, the curious, children, and adults can connect with the history of this legendary industry.

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