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AEJ Belgium Spring Event – EU Media Policy Discussion

Join us for our next event where we will hold a debate about the pressing issues facing journalists and the media sector in today’s digital landscape. A round table will be moderated by the president of AEJ to discuss the challenges encountered by journalists amidst rapid technological developments and explore the European Union’s legislative efforts …

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Hungary’s assault on media freedom threatens rule of law, report warns

In a recent report, NGO Human Rights Watch highlighted the Hungarian government’s repeated attacks on media freedom and pluralism, which constitutes a significant blow to the country’s rule of law. The report, titled “‘I Can’t Work As A Journalist’: The Systematic Undermining of Media Freedom in Hungary,” details the obstacles faced by independent journalists under Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s administration.

A critical approach towards AI use in journalism

While AI offers immense potential to enhance journalistic practices, it is crucial to approach them with a critical mindset. Journalists must understand how to leverage new technologies, including AI while recognising their potential caveats and recognising their effective and responsible use.

Sahra Wagenknecht’s new political party – promising or promises?

A new political party came into being in Germany and is set to run in various elections, including the European elections in June this year. Here’s a brief introduction to some of the basics plus a look at what the German media have been saying in the past week or so, mainly in their headlines. It will be fascinating to see how this party evolves as there seems to be a trend in European politics away from the domination of the past of big political parties towards a more fragmented political landscape.

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